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Rick Barnes barnes.rick at comcast.net
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Seems like I paid about $60 each when I bought (8) T-125's. I can't remember
where, I think it was ABE Auto Battery Electric. I called and negotiated
with them. I think I called several of their stores. I would keep shopping
around if I were you.....
Good Luck,
    Rick Barnes
    Aloha, OR

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I am going to need a set of 18 Trojan 125s for my  Escort.  I don't want the
Low profile posts (LPT) which is what I have, because of all the trouble i
have had with them.  (Bolts loosening and having to check them weekly...
melting posts..... )
The automotive posts (AP) are no longer available, but there is a Universal
post (UT) which is automotive style with flat sides with a hole through it
for a lug. It will have 60% contact for the automotive style terminal ends
which means I need to remake new cables or I could bolt through and use the
existing cables.
I am not sure if all my problems were related to the cables with the ring
style terminal ends which I am told should handle the 300 amp draw without a
problem  or just the terminals being screwy on the trojans.
1) I need 18 batteries and at NW battery Supply they are $94.39 if I order
them with the UT post, or if I order a pallet of 40, I can get them for $80.
Anyone need new batteries and want to go in with me?    
2) Does anyone have new batteries they want to sell??
3) Does anyone know of a better price for these?
4) I have heard of a Dekka Battery that I can get that is $100 each for 18
that has a little more reserve power than the trojans It is made by East
Penn Manufacturing.  Anyone heard of them.  I can get these in an Automotive
5) Should I have new cables made up that are crimped and soldered or is just
crimping o.k.
6) Can I go to the UT posts and bolt on my existing cables that are crimped
with ring terminals, with that be o.k.??

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