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Subject: 	OSPIRG : Victory for Clean Cars
Date: 	Thu, 22 Dec 2005 19:02:16 -0600
From: 	Maureen Kirk, OSPIRG Executive Director <MaureenK at ospirg.org>

Hi Anthony,

I normally only email you once a week, but the good news just keeps coming.  Oregon's Environmental Quality Commission just voted unanimously to adopt the Clean Cars program!  That means that starting with model year 2009, new cars and trucks sold in Oregon will have to cut their global warming pollution. 

This victory comes after a lot of hard work - OSPIRG staff have researched and published two reports on cars and global warming and recruited allies from across Oregon to support the Clean Cars program. I'm most excited about the fact that over 6,000 OSPIRG supporters have gotten involved with the grassroots effort - writing letters, making phone calls, testifying at hearings and attending media events.

The victory also caps a great week for the environment: we won the vote in the U.S. Senate to protect the Arctic Wildlife Refuge. Just yesterday our allies in Connecticut and New Jersey told us that their states adopted the Clean Cars program as well, and we expect similar decisions in Massachusetts and Rhode Island before the year is out!

Of course, there's more work to do. The Environmental Quality Commission has to vote again by June in order to make the Clean Cars program permanent, and the auto manufacturers will continue to try to block or delay implementation (their lawsuit is still pending in Marion County). So our Clean Cars for Oregon campaign will continue this spring. 

So, please take a moment to savor this victory!  Thank you for your involvement and support! 


Maureen Kirk
OSPIRG Executive Director
MaureenK at ospirg.org

P.S.  Thanks again for your support.  Please feel free to share this e-mail with your family and friends.


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