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Theoldcars at aol.com Theoldcars at aol.com
Fri Jan 14 21:18:48 PST 2005

I wanted to know if anyone has done this or sees I am overlooking  something?
I have found new AGM Panasonic batteries LC-X1228P. They are 28  Ah and from 
everything I have read from Panasonic seem to be the very same  battery as the 
EV EC 1260 except for the Ah rating. They are about half the  size 165 x 125 
x 179.5 the EC is 388 x 116 x 175. With a change in the direction  they will 
fit in the existing battery box. The two that are by themselves are  the only 
ones I am not sure of. The LC battery is about 3 tenths of an inch  wider. I am 
assuming there is that much room there.
What I am thinking of doing is taking 52 of the LC-X1228P and running them  
in 26 parallel pairs. This would provide 56 Ah that is just a little  over 6% 
less Ah than the EC 1260. The pack would have the same 312 volts  and it would 
also weigh about the same.  What makes this so  appealing is the new batteries 
can be had for 45 dollars each. To  replace the whole pack would cost 2340 
dollars plus shipping. 
In the report by Southern California Edison on 12-1999 the Pomona driving  
test data on the EC EV 1260 range new was 57.9 miles until the battery light  
came on. This was with one driver, no air and no load. If you take 6% off this  
you still have 54 miles under the same conditions. 
Other than a little extra wiring making parallel sets any one see a problem  
with doing this?
Don Blazer

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