[Oeva-list] Parades, contacted Jeremiah Baumann of OSPIRG rally.

Paul A Burkey paburkey at juno.com
Fri Jul 1 08:18:07 PDT 2005


Dave Salzman and I attended the St. Helens River City Parade, they are
generous in giving out ribbons, the weather was good, and we had many

The Hillsboro 4th of July Parade is this Monday.  I have signed up for up
to 5 vehicles and 6 people to be in the parade.  I have only 3 confirmed,
and 1 tentative planning to attend.  Any more wanting to be in the

I contracted Jeremiah Baumann about the OSPIRG rally in Salem and he
responded with:

We've actually decided, for strategic reasons, to postpone the event a
few weeks (despite a good number of OSPIRG members and others who
expressed interest in attending). Our new plan is to do the event once
the Governor takes the next steps to implement the Clean Cars program. 

In the meantime, I had two thoughts:
1--Does OEVA hold any kind of regular meetings? I'd be happy to do a
short presentation to update people on what exactly the program would do
and what it will take to get it implemented.
2--Is there someone from OEVA that acts as spokesperson and would write
a letter to the editor of the Oregonian? We do want to get some press
while the legislature is in session.

Paul Burkey
Ongoing Events Chair
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