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Thu Jul 14 17:07:47 PDT 2005

As most of you know, Costco is the number one corporate supporter of  EV
charging.  There are nearly 70 Costco warehouses with EV  charging
facilities.  Costco locations are usually very close to  traveled
routes, and often near amenities such as theaters, eateries,  and
various shops, in addition to the food and good shopping at  Costco

Local warehouse managers may not be aware of the extent  of Costco's
corporate commitment, and may not be aware that there are many  hundreds
of EVs still on the road.

Costco parking spaces are sometimes  a scarce resource, and always a
valuable commodity.  Did you know that a  busy Costco can gross over
$2000 per parking space per day?   

Remember that at some Costco locations, the Tire Center may use  EV
parking spaces if necessary.  They should do this only for cars  for
which they have the keys.  If a Costco EV parking space is ICEd,  check
with the Tire Center and ask them to move the car.  

Ed  Fitzgerald at Costco headquarters has asked us to make a special
effort to  let warehouse managers know when we use the charging
facilities.  Below  is a first draft of a form for that purpose.

I ask each of you to print  several copies of this form to keep in your
car.  Whenever you visit a  Costco warehouse, please fill in a copy of
this form and drop it either in  the suggestion box or at the Member
Services counter.   


Here's a  PDF version that may print better on your  system:


That's  not all...

In addition, please use the "I Was There" report form (see the  link on
the www.evchargernews.com home page) whenever you visit any  charging
site, but most especially a Costco site.  This will allow us to  keep
track of documented visits.  This is important in our effort to  keep
the charging infrastructure in place and maintained.

We'll be  doing some work to improve the paper forms, including a form
for non-Costco  locations, and to make the "I Was There" form easier to
use and more  automated on this end.  (If you find the present "I Was
There" form  cumbersome, or have problems with it, an e-mail to
comments at evchargernews.com  will suffice.  Please be sure to mention the
location ID 
(format  92345_1) so we are sure we know which location you are
referring to, and can  automate the collection of the reports.  Just
state that you visited the  site, whether or not you charged there, and
tell us anything other drivers  ought to know about the site.  

I know we can't reach all EV  drivers, and we can't expect those that we
reach to send in reports 100% of  the time, but we'll do our best.  This
will be a big help in persuading  site owners to continue supporting the

Thanks for your  cooperation in this vital effort.

Tom Dowling

Tom  Dowling

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