[Oeva-list] Action Alert: Oregon Lawmakers Ready to Deal Away Future of Cleaner Cars!

Chris Hagerbaumer chrish at oeconline.org
Tue Jul 26 15:30:35 PDT 2005

As supporters of electric cars, I'm sure you'll want to know about a
dire situation at the Oregon Legislature. 


In a budget deal being finalized in the next few days, if not hours,
some Oregon legislators are trying to prohibit Oregon's Environmental
Quality Commission (EQC) from adopting tougher clean car standards.
Their tactic is to prohibit the Department of Environmental Quality
(DEQ) from staffing a public rulemaking process that Governor Kulongoski
has called for EQC to conduct later this year. These legislators are
caving to automakers who are trying to stop states like Oregon from
adopting the clean car standards. The auto industry has a history of
balking against common sense regulations - like seat belts, catalytic
converters, and air bags - and consistently overestimates the costs of


Clean car standards would reduce toxic and smog-forming emissions from
passenger vehicles sold in our state after 2008, as well as global
warming pollution. The clean car standards are a sensible,
cost-effective way to ensure all new passenger vehicles sold in Oregon
are among the cleanest in the nation, meeting tailpipe standards
stronger than those set by the federal government. And because clean
cars use less fuel, they save drivers money at the gas pump. Nine
states, including California, Washington, and New York, have already
adopted clean car standards - driving the market for cleaner cars and
light trucks. See more information on the clean car standards after my
signature line.

Please act now. Send an email
F%2Fwww.leg.state.or.us%2Fwritelegsltr%2F>  or call your senator
(800-332-2313), Senate President Peter Courtney (503-986-1000), and
Senate Majority Leader Kate Brown (503-986-1700), and Governor
Kulongoski (503-378-4582). Urge them not to cave to the auto industry.
We deserve clean car choices in Oregon. 



To: [your senator], Senator Courtney, Senator Brown, Governor


I support adoption of the clean car standards by Oregon's Environmental
Quality Commission. 


Please don't cave to out-of-state automobile manufacturers who don't
have our best interests in mind. Cars and trucks are the #1 cause of
toxic air pollution in Oregon and the #2 source of global warming
pollution. Clean cars will reduce Oregon's dependence on oil, save
drivers money at the gas pump, protect public health and slow global
warming. They're a win-win for Oregon's environment and Oregon's


Don't approve a Department of Environmental Quality budget that would
prohibit the department from staffing a rulemaking process to adopt the
standards. Thank you. 


Sincerely, [Your Name] [Your Address] 



Thank you for acting quickly to stop the Oregon Legislature from this
unprecedented move.  

Christine Hagerbaumer | Program Director
Oregon Environmental Council
222 NW Davis Street, Suite 309
Portland, OR 97209-3900

503-222-1963 x102 

chrish at oeconline.org | www.oeconline.org

~Bringing Oregonians together for a healthy environment~

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