[Oeva-list] reducing the amp draw of a 110V zivan...

Chris Brune csbrune_ev at comcast.net
Fri Jul 29 22:41:58 PDT 2005

Hi Tony,
I'm not sure how a variac is going to help with your amp draw.  The only way
I can think to lower the current would be if there is output current
adjustment in the charger.  Do you have a manual for the charger?  The
output current may not be adjustable, many are not.

A variac isn't going to reduce the amp draw, if anything it will probably
make it draw more.

Chris Brune

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> Second posting... I can't believe that no one has any suggestions...
> The coil of extention cord in a bucket of water won't fly at work, so
> that on is out....
> We are trying to figure out how to keep Tim's 110V Zivan from pulling 22
> amps from a  20amp circuit (and subsequently popping it all the time).
> Our facilities manager at work is getting irritated...
> So does anyone know how to turn it down to, say 14amps max, so he can
> use it about anywhere?  If not does anyone have an autotransformer or
> variac we can borrow so our power engineer at work can create a inline
> amp-reducer thingy?
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