[Oeva-list] reducing the amp draw of a 110V zivan...

Graunke, Gary gary.graunke at intel.com
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The right way is to get a schematic of the Zivan and add a current
regulator stage (or find out if there is a pot you can turn to limit the
current already).

The desperate technician way would be to put the charger in series with
some light bulbs to limit the current to the batteries. Initially they
will have a large voltage drop and heat up, which causes them to have
higher resistance and limit the current. Later as the battery voltage
increases, the heat (and thus resistance) will drop. However, it should
keep the incoming current down to a limit. (A light bulb is poor man's
constant current device).

The charger will go to CV mode pretty quickly. Hopefully, but not
guaranteed, it will do this fast enough to not blow the breaker. It's a
race between heating of the light bulbs vs circuit breaker. You may be
able to have a soft-start arrangement with extra bulbs in series

Experiment with bulbs to get the desired current limit.

Be careful of the HV and wear eye protection in case a bulb explodes.

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Second posting... I can't believe that no one has any suggestions...
The coil of extention cord in a bucket of water won't fly at work, so 
that on is out....

We are trying to figure out how to keep Tim's 110V Zivan from pulling 22
amps from a  20amp circuit (and subsequently popping it all the time).
Our facilities manager at work is getting irritated...

So does anyone know how to turn it down to, say 14amps max, so he can
use it about anywhere?  If not does anyone have an autotransformer or
variac we can borrow so our power engineer at work can create a inline
amp-reducer thingy?

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