[Oeva-list] source for old/used batts for temporary pack

Bryan Avery bryan at photonlight.com
Sun Jun 5 13:48:36 PDT 2005

With no resolution in site for the replacement of the bad 90Ah Thunder Sky
cells, I'm thinking I would like to put together a small pack of lead acid
batts so I can at least get the Accord on the road and get *some* use out of
it.  I figure I'll probably only be able to fit 600-800 lbs. of lead in max,
without upgrading the suspension (which I'd rather not do for a "temporary"
pack).  Anyway, I'm looking for tips, suggestions, etc., for where to check
to find a source for some cheap used batteries.  I'd rather not put a bunch
of money into buying new batteries that I will hopefully (keeping fingers
crossed although the outlook is not looking good) be replacing soon.
Obviously I would like to get as much range as possible, but I'm not
expecting too much from that small a pile of lead.  Even if I could only get
10-15 miles per charge, that would be enough for most of my daily driving.


As it is, I've put about 20 all-electric miles on the car with those crappy
TS cells (just short test drives down the street and around the
neighborhood).  That's just enough to whet my appetite, but I want MORE!
:-)   After 3 years in progress, I would really like to get the car
driveable on a regular basis.



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