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Tony McCormick tony at notebene.net
Tue Jun 7 22:27:35 PDT 2005

 Thanks,  I am in the gather info stages.   So far I have formally 
received response from me, you and Eric...  I was hoping for a bit 
more.  I may expand my search outside of the OEVA email list....   I'm 
going to try and make it to the meeting Thurs, but I may have and 
overriding conflict....

Tony McCormick
"Drive Electric, Play Bluegrass, Learn the way of the Sword"
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Chris Brune wrote:

>Hi Tony,
>How's it going?
>I thought I would respond to this request for info.
>I certainly have access to just about any electrical equipment you need to
>work on an EV.
>I am willing to help anyone who needs assistance with wiring or hooking up
>controllers or the like.
>Not sure what else you're looking for, but I like the direction this whole
>thread is going.  I'd like to see the group do more to help people get
>conversions going.
>Chris Brune
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>>    For some reason I agreed to try and coordinate the post-purchase
>>part of EV life cycle support from OEVA.  go figure.   To start with I
>>need to get a feel for who is out there, what they feel comfortable
>>helping/advising with, facilities available, etc.   I would appreciate
>>some feed back from the list on these topics.   I've done a bit of a
>>brain dump of my comfort level below to spark the thoughts.
>>I am
>>    Owner of an commuter EV since 1999
>>    Comfortable with fabrication of small structures and modifications
>>to body work that don't require welding
>>    Good at diagnosing wiring faults
>>    Good at basic wiring layout
>>    Able to teach novices the practical basics of owning a EV, charging,
>>driving, battery management etc
>>    Good a coming up with unique solutions to problems using inexpensive
>>    the owner a good range of tools and a garage with room for working
>>on one vehicle, indoors
>>    able to follow instructions well enough to do work I'm *not*
>>comfortable with... like:
>>          Auto mechanic stuff, brakes, transmissions, real body work,
>>    Good at organizing things in general
>>    the owner of a 6/12 Volt 100amp battery tester and other EV related
>>test gear/rigs.
>>What we need:
>>    Auto mechanical skills for those parts of the cars that are *not* EV
>>motive related
>>    Electrical skills for diagnosing ground faults (that dang GFI keeps
>>    Body work, paint, etc.
>>    Welding Aluminum for battery boxes
>>    Other kinds of welding
>>    Access special limited need tools, such a engine hoist, crimpers,
>>welding gear, towing, a lift
>>    People will to volunteer their time when someone's EV stops going
>>    Places to work on EV's
>>Please let me know, what you know and what you can do.  Anything you
>>think should be added to the list as well.
>>Once I get some feedback, I'll probably request some kind of web-hosted,
>>"Ask for a house call" type form and a way for folks to say they can help.
>>Other ideas?
>>Tony McCormick
>>"Drive Electric, Play Bluegrass, Learn the way of the Sword"
>>see it all at: http://www.notebene.net
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