[Oeva-list] New to EVs

Andre Susanto andreosae at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 8 14:52:57 PDT 2005

The brat is around 2200lb curb weight.  We're looking
to make an urban commuter where the user is in a small
town, the long end of the town is 3 miles and speed
limit is 35mph max.  There is a small stretch of
highway the user will need to drive to get to work,
but can be avoided via back roads.  So if I reduce the
top speed to say 35-40mph, would 72V be a decent

The goal for the vehicle is for range, with decent
performance (say like a Geo Metro).  The Brat was
selected because he does carry some dirty tools he'd
like to throw in the back.

Cost is another concern and I'll definitely be looking
into the parts and resources you guys have given me.

Thank you, and please keep the suggestions in.

Andre S

Andre Susanto

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