[Oeva-list] Re: Businesses Supporting EVs

George Tylinski acid_lead at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 9 10:37:29 PDT 2005

If we had a budget, I would suggest 2 things:

1. Tools and test equipment that can't be justified by an
individual. I gather that Mark M has done something in this

2. Vehicle transport expenses such as hauling an EV purchased
out of town, getting to/from Woodburn an other EVents, dragging
a conversion in progress to/from shops for welding, bodywork,

If we had a few milion$, I'd love to see an EV history museum
right here in Portland...

> What would we do if we had a budget? Conversion  workshops? a
> better 
> display for events? greater resources for  members?
> ...Ross...

George Tylinski (Yahoo ID acid_lead)
73 MG Midget / Portland, OR

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