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Hello Bryan
What voltage is your system? I don't know about any used batteries but I  
have found Panasonic 12 volt AGM 28 Ah batteries new for around 45 dollars plus  
shipping. There number is LC X1228 they weigh 23 pounds each. Panasonic  also 
has other Ah AGM batteries. The price can be even lower with a  larger order. 
I am thinking about getting some more.
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With  no resolution in site for the replacement of the bad 90Ah Thunder  Sky
cells, I'm thinking I would like to put together a small pack of lead  acid
batts so I can at least get the Accord on the road and get *some* use  out of
it.  I figure I'll probably only be able to fit 600-800 lbs. of  lead in max,
without upgrading the suspension (which I'd rather not do for  a "temporary"
pack).  Anyway, I'm looking for tips, suggestions, etc.,  for where to check
to find a source for some cheap used batteries.   I'd rather not put a bunch
of money into buying new batteries that I will  hopefully (keeping fingers
crossed although the outlook is not looking  good) be replacing soon.
Obviously I would like to get as much range as  possible, but I'm not
expecting too much from that small a pile of  lead.  Even if I could only get
10-15 miles per charge, that would be  enough for most of my daily driving.

As it is, I've put about  20 all-electric miles on the car with those crappy
TS cells (just short  test drives down the street and around the
neighborhood).  That's just  enough to whet my appetite, but I want MORE!
:-)   After 3 years  in progress, I would really like to get the car
driveable on a regular  basis.


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