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George Tylinski acid_lead at
Sat Jun 11 19:55:14 PDT 2005

Yes, but you still have to get the hoist to and from your

In my garage, I drilled 2 holes in the ceiling, on either side
of a rafter, directly above the motor where I park the car. I
put a 5 foot 4x4 on top of the rafter (in the attic of the
garage), then threaded a chain up thru one hole and down thru
the other, looping over the 4x4. The 2 ends of the chain are
connected together. A ratcheting hoist (sometimes called a
come-along) can then be hooked to the chain and used to lift the

I also made a bracket that bolts to my adapter plate that the
hoist can hook to. By trial and error I spaced it forward so the
motor/trans sits at about a 20 degree tilt which I need to snake
it in.

It is easy to deploy/stow and very inexpensive if you don't
count the cost of the garage.

--- Bryan Avery <bryan at> wrote:

> > 
> > 1. Tools and test equipment that can't be justified by an
> > individual. I gather that Mark M has done something in this
> > regard?
> > 
> An engine hoist would be an awesome loner item.  Since it's
> usually only
> needed a couple times during the process it's hard to justify
> buying one as
> an individual, but I've already spent about $75 on engine
> hoist rentals on
> my project.  Of course, being down here in Eugene, I probably
> wouldn't be
> able to take advantage of such a loaner tool program easily,
> but I still
> think it's a great idea for those closer to Portland. :-)
> A flat-bed trailer or auto-transport type trailer for getting
> cars too and
> from the body/welding shop is the other thing that I could see
> being a great
> money saver.  I think someone's already got one though?
> Just my two cents.  
> -Bryan Avery 

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