[Oeva-list] DEQ ammendment blocks clean car initiave in oregon

Tony McCormick tony at notebene.net
Mon Jun 13 23:02:24 PDT 2005

Tell OSPIRG about your hybrid or other advanced technology car at the 
following web site -


They are trying to put together a EV/Hybrid rally in Salem in June to 
protest some upcoming bad DEQ legislation.


Tony McCormick
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    Dear OSPIRG supporter,

    Governor Kulongoski has pledged to bring cleaner cars to Oregon this
    year, to cut global warming pollution by a third AND save us money
    at the gas pump. But as you've probably read in the paper, the big
    auto-makers are making a play to thwart this plan. Late last week
    they got an amendment attached to the Department of Environmental
    Quality's (DEQ) budget that blocks clean cars. We're working to
    convince the legislature to reject this ploy, and vote down this DEQ

    Please take a moment to ask your state representative to vote
    against the DEQ budget, and any bill that blocks solutions to global
    warming. Then, ask you friends and family to help, by forwarding
    this email to them.

    To take action, click here or paste this link into your browser:


    Governor Kulongoski has called for Oregon to adopt the Clean Cars
    program created in California. The House Budget Committee's move to
    block the program by adding a "rider" to the budget for the
    Department of Environmental Quality not only prohibits the clean
    cars program, it also violates the Oregon constitution.

    The Clean Cars program would set strong emissions standards for
    cars, including for global warming pollution, and require that a
    percentage of vehicles sold be advanced-technology or zero-emissions
    vehicles, such as hybrids. That means tens of thousands more
    advanced-technology cars and trucks for Oregonians. Detroit has the
    technology right now to make cleaner cars, but their availability to
    Oregonians is limited. Sales of hybrid-electric vehicles increased
    63% in 2004 but waiting lists of six months have been reported.
    Thirteen different automakers manufacture standard-technology cars
    that meet emissions standards in California, but many of these
    vehicles have been made available only in states that have adopted
    the Clean Car regulations.

    Limiting global warming pollution from cars is critically important;
    there's now scientific consensus that global warming is starting to
    change Oregon. Sea levels on parts on the central and northern
    Oregon Coast are rising and snowpack in the Cascades is shrinking,
    leading to reduced river flows and less water available for
    irrigation, hydropower, and salmon migration. The Clean Cars program
    requires cars to emit 30% less global warming pollution starting in

    The good news is that cleaner cars are one of many ways we can
    reduce our global warming emissions while helping the local economy.
    By putting tens of thousands more advanced-technology cars on the
    market in Oregon, the Clean Cars program will give consumers more
    choices. And because the technologies that reduce global warming
    pollution also allow the cars to go farther on a mile of gas,
    Oregonians will save money at the pump.

    Please take a moment to ask your State Representative to vote
    against the DEQ budget and any bill that blocks solutions to global
    warming. Then, ask your friends and family to do the same, by
    forwarding them this email.

    To take action, click here or paste this link into your browser:


    Maureen Kirk
    OSPIRG Executive Director
    MaureenK at ospirg.org

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