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Theoldcars at aol.com Theoldcars at aol.com
Thu Jun 16 22:35:33 PDT 2005

Looks like we have close to the 100 of the LC-X1228P. I think we can  get 
them for 39.95 each plus shipping. I will call Fedco and Digi-Key and  see what 
they will do. I will hold off ordering until we know no one else would  like 
Bryan 28
Tony 5 
Gary you want to get in on the low price? 
If anyone can find a better price for this size battery I would like to see  
it. The above link will give the information on it. Is there anyone in the  
Northwest that sells this battery? Seem odd that we have to have batteries  come 
from the East when the ships are unloading on the West coast.
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Though I don't need a high quantity, I do need 5 of  those 28ah 
batteries, be happy to share the discount :-)

Tony  McCormick
"Drive Electric, Play Bluegrass, Learn the way of the  Sword"
see it all at: http://www.notebene.net 

I'm definitely  interested in getting together for the volume pricing. 
>  With  your 52 plus my 28, that gives us a total of 80 batteries for 
> the  order.  If Gary wants another 20-28 for the Insight, that would 
>  put us up to 100 easily.  What did they quote you for shipping?  It  
> seems that shipping through a regular freight trucking company  
> shouldn't be too bad with such a large order.  Since the bulk of  the 
> order is going to be yours, we should probably just have  everything 
> shipped to you and then I can drive up and haul my bunch  back down to 
> Eugene myself.

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