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Graunke, Gary gary.graunke at intel.com
Fri Jun 17 15:24:58 PDT 2005

I replied to Don off-list, but just to let you all know I *have* been
paying attention...


I've been thinking seriously about them. I can fit 24 in my top battery
box, but 20 would give me 466 lbs, which is how much weight I have now.

My car can go anywhere from 120V to 400V, user programmable. (Lots of
parameters, such as max currents and regen voltages). 

I'm using 14 Hawkers now for 168V. I would like to go up to 240V to have
the horsepower of the original car.


Go ahead and count me in for 25 batteries. 






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I just called Fedco and they are out of stock of the LC-X1228P. Digi-Key
has them and will still meet the 39.95 price for 100 I can add more when
I place the order. The shipping is 5.18 for each battery without a dock.
If we can find a dock to have these unloaded at it will save about 100
dollars and make the cost 4.14 for shipping each battery. I am guessing
but if more are ordered the shipping price may come down a little per


Anyone is wondering where the price breaks are. The ten unit price is
49.95 and forty is 46.62 one hundred twenty 43.29 and six hundred 39.96
plus shipping and the shipping is more when doing a smaller amount of


This price is at the 600 unit pricing.


Two questions 


Does anyone else want to get these? 


Is there a dock we can use to unload at?


Don Blazer

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