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Graunke, Gary gary.graunke at intel.com
Tue Jun 21 09:17:06 PDT 2005

Not sure about a hydrometer-I prefer sealed batteries myself. 


However, on the charger, I think for 110V Rudman's PFC20/30 is highly
recommended.  For better isolation, use double contactors (one on each
lead) between the batteries and the motor. (This is good anyway, since
it provides redundancy in case your DC motor controller fails full
throttle and you need to do a high power emergency disconnect). 


The other really good (but expensive) is the Brusa, but it drops down to
1KW on 110V from the 3KW it gets at 240V. 


While its not as critical with flooded as it is with AGM's, some
regulators for each battery is also a good investment.


Looking forward to seeing you in the Electravan...




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You guys gotta see my recently arrived Jet Electravan 600. I hope to
drive it over to our July monthly meeting. It looks similar to this one
on the EV photo album: 



Mine has a 96v pack of 16 Trojan T105s. The charger just has a 220V
"range" style plug, no 110V capability. The charger outputs 96V at
30amps max.

I was wondering........

-where to purchase a hydrometer? any particular make/model preferred?

-can anyone suggest a 110 charger? 


Mark Freidberg


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