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Tony McCormick tony at notebene.net
Tue Jun 21 23:19:26 PDT 2005

Any takers?  My car is still motorless....

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Subject: 	RE: I've got a Clean Car!
Date: 	Tue, 21 Jun 2005 21:25:55 -0700
From: 	Jeremiah Baumann <jeremiah at ospirg.org>

Hi Anthony,
Thanks so much for your help on the Clean Cars issue. I hope we can get you
to this Clean Cars event at the Legislature. We really want to get a range
of cars there (i.e. not just hybrids). FYI, we're making some progress in
the legislature: while the House voted the wrong way and included a
provision blocking the Governor's clean cars program in their budget bill,
we got three Republicans to vote the right way, and the Senate just voted
not to block the clean cars program. But we'll have to keep pushing them to
hold the line.

We're trying to pin down the best days now for a Clean Cars event in Salem.
Our timing has changed and we're doing it a bit later. Can you let me know
which of the following days might work for you? The event would be around

Wed 6/29
Thurs 6/30
Fri 7/1
Tues 7/5
Wed 7/6
Thurs 7/7
Fri 7/8

I hope to hear from you soon,

Jeremiah Baumann
Clean Energy Advocate
p.s. I'll get in touch with the electric vehicle owners association too,
thanks for the tip.

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