[Oeva-list] From our web site, OSPIRG Clean Cars rally

Eric Johnson <ejts at comcast.net> ejts at comcast.net
Wed Jun 22 15:37:44 PDT 2005

Would anyone (Paul?) like to contact Jeremiah?  This related to the recent Clean Cars rally posting, but I thought I should pass this along since it was feedback from our web site.

His e-mail address is:
Jeremiah Baumann <jeremiah at ospirg.org>

It would be nice if someone that could either attend or be willing to try to motivate other to do so could contact him.  If anyone contacts him, please let us know.  Maybe I'll remember to let him know that we aren't able to help if noone can contact him.

Thanks for whatever anyone can do!

Eric Johnson

   Hi there. I'm new to OSPIRG, directing our energy policy programs. 
One of my first priorities is getting the governor to follow through on 
his pledge to bring the California Clean Cars program to Oregon. You 
probably know that part of that program would require automakers to put 
more electric vehicles on the road.

   We're organizing a Clean Cars event at the Capitol and I'm hoping 
that OEVA would help us out. We're looking to get drivers to bring 
their cars to the Capitol for a press event with legislators on a 
weekday between June 29 and July 8.

   You can contact me by email or at 503-231-4181 ext. 310.


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