[Oeva-list] Questions about charging downtown

Mark Freidberg mark58150 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 25 12:47:41 PDT 2005

The OEVA resources page mentions the charging station(s) at 121 SW Salmon include a 240v 14-50r receptacle. By the way, isn't there just one station there?


This page gives a pictorial of what the14-50r (and others) look like:


Reason I ask is that my charger has a 10-50p plug (also pictured at above link) and so I'd like to wire up an adapter and wanted to confirm that the charging station receptacle is actually a 14-50r. If someone already has an adapter they'd like to sell, let me know.

2. Regarding the receptacles under the WTC pavilion brick deck where we park and charge during our Thursday evening monthly meetings, are any of those 220-240v? If so, what type are they?

3. At times other then our monthly meetings, if a driver ever needs to charge and the curbside charging station or the parking spots next to it are taken, can the EVer charge on the pavilion area?

4. At our previous monthly meetings, mention has been made of another downtown charging station possibly located in a parking garage structure in the vicinity of Portland State University. What is the address of that facility and where is the charging station located within it?


Mark Freidberg

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