[Oeva-list] Questions about charging downtown

Eric Johnson <ejts at comcast.net> ejts at comcast.net
Sat Jun 25 14:11:09 PDT 2005

There are two parking spaces at 1st and Salmon, with a single pole on the curb between them.  On the pole is a two-sided box with separate circuits for each parking space.  GFI-protected 240V and 120V outlets, powered eeparately under control of a 120V-OFF-240V selector switch.  Each side has its own breakers, too.

The 240V outlets are indeed 14-50's.  I bought standard 14-50s at A-Boy for my cord.  Nothing special or unusual that I know of about any of it.

And, the parking and electricity is free while charging.

Eric Johnson
PEVA Co-Chair

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