[Oeva-list] EV lifecycle support network (EV mechanics, etc)

R Olson rolson at gmail.com
Sun May 8 12:15:46 PDT 2005

> Gary wrote:
> Just got back from Austin EAA chapters conference--more at Apr 14 
> meeting. A lot of the recent postings suggest we should get moving on 
> addressing the total life cycle needs of EV owners.
> 1) We start with EV awareness (an area we have traditionally 
> addressed, and we're making good progress!).
> 2) The next step is to help people obtain appropriate EV's (a big 
> problem, but some bright spots!).
> 3) As recent posts have suggested, we need EV maintance support (auto, 
> electrical, battery).
> 4) Public charging infrastructure needs to permit travel around town 
> and along I5.
> 5) We need to help provide a decent secondary market for quality used 
> EV's when people's needs change.
> I'd like to find people willing to take on one of these areas, so we 
> can make steady progress. Most of us are pretty busy, but can provide 
> some time and resources.
> 6) Let's also discuss creating a formal inventory of resources (this 
> is helpful for new members, primarily, who don't know everyone yet). 
> While we are thinking primarily of local resources, regional and 
> global resources would also be good to catalog.
> 7) The idea of a garage crawl event some weekend also is a great way 
> to get an informal inventory started! After that, project weekends are 
> a great way to get someone going quickly whether a new conversion or 
> repair/maintenance activity. We could set up a regular weekend each 
> month for this. (Just get a good
> group of skilled engineers and technicians together on a regular 
> basis--Discovery channel optional!).

Gary, have you had any more discussions on these items with anyone? 
Perhaps we should take these one at a time at each of the next meetings 
(after the Segways of course!) and discuss them al together in some 
sort of order of priority. I'd certainly be comfortable with you and/or 
Eric sorting these in terms of need and available resources and having 
them be topics at the next few meetings.


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