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Roy LeMeur roylemeur at hotmail.com
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> > Anyone have any experience with the Zapi Controller? Is this a good 

Good price. I installed one of these in this car-

Use a large heatsink with a fan on it.

Regen is two-step, throttle off supplies a few amps, brake pedal mounted 
switch adds a few more.

Verify that the motor is neutrally timed. Regen can be hard on brushes and 

Watch that peak voltage. Burn off excess juice if necessary. It will let the 
smoke out if you fire it up at the top of charge with charger running. At 
less than 120V nominal this is not a problem.

Zapis can be very picky, get a good wiring schematic and instructions.

Can you read Italian?  :^D

Good Luck!

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>From: Ralph Merwin <rmerwin at aracnet.com>
>To: barnes.rick at comcast.net (Rick Barnes)
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>Subject: Re: [Oeva-list] Zapi H2 Controller
>Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 07:05:06 -0700 (PDT)
>I used to use a Zapi H2 controller with regen.  At the time my car had
>a 120v pack.  It worked pretty well, although I felt that the cooling
>needed to be improved so I made a water-cooled heatsink to bolt it to.
>I probably still have this heatsink in the garage somewhere.
>Note that the "120v" version of these controllers is really a 96v model
>with a little power adaptor box bolted on top.  You need to be very sure
>that the controller never sees a pack voltage more than about 140v or so
>(I'm not sure of the actual ceiling).  My controller quietly died one day
>when I accidently turned on the ignition while charging with an external
>charger (which bypasses the normal charger interlock circuitry).
>If you do buy the Zapi you may need to modify your potbox to add a third
>wire.  It's easy to do.
>Rick Barnes writes:
> >
> > Anyone have any experience with the Zapi Controller? Is this a good 
> >
> > My Curtis 1231C controller fizzled the other day on the Sprint...
> >
> > Rick Barnes
> >
> >
> >
> > Zapi H2 controller with manual
> >
> >
> >
> > For Sale. NEW Zapi H2 controller with manual for series motors.
> >
> > This controller is set for 120 volt / 400 amp.
> >
> > This unit will support battery systems from 24 volt to 120 volt.
> >
> > Max output is 500 amp.
> >
> > $750.00.
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