[Oeva-list] Segwaying

Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Fri May 13 01:47:30 PDT 2005

Well, that could be an expensive trip to Portland ;-)  There were two 
segways to play with, and much as I thought it was a silly idea when 
they came out, it is a pretty cool toy and well done.  The tires are low 
pressure (15psi) so if you run over toes, it doesn't hurt (the demo guy 
even put his hand down and had someone run over his fingers), and 
because when you lean back, it stops and backs up, if you run into 
someone, it's more like someone lightly walking into you.  They're using 
ibuttons for the keys --- it comes with 3: the black one for learning 
limits it to 6mph and doesn't turn as quick, yellow is mid-range, and 
the red one lets it go 12.5mph and turn very quickly.  They come with 
nimh batteries now, and soon will have lithium as an option, and they 
also have some with atv style tires for using them off road, as well as 
working on a 4 wheel version that is more like an atv, except it can do 
low speed wheelies, though I think turning around in place is about the 
only useful purpose for that (aside from just playing ;-) ).

Some video clips are at:

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