[Oeva-list] EV Van

Rick Barnes barnes.rick at comcast.net
Mon May 16 05:04:59 PDT 2005

There is a factory made Dodge Caravan on eBay






"This is an electric version of a Dodge Caravan, one of 56 built by Chrysler
as a test program.  One half of the vans were equipped with Eagle-Pitcher
Nickel-Iron batteries, and one half with SAFT Nickel-Cadmium batteries.
Mine is one of the second group.  This van gives a very good idea of what is
possible if the auto industry decided to build EVs.  It is fully equipped
with seating for five, dual airbags, power steering, power brakes, and a
very powerful electric heater.  The batteries are conservatively rated for
100,000 miles of service."

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