[Oeva-list] Early thoughts for our next meeting

Eric Johnson <ejts at comcast.net> ejts at comcast.net
Tue May 24 10:32:50 PDT 2005

First, George Tylinski has volunteered to present information on some materials he's started to work with.  This will be a short presentation, with some samples to touch, on alternatives for battery boxes, and perhaps other structural uses in EVs, as I understand it.  For the full scoop, come to the meeting.

Second, I got a call a few days ago from Roderick Wilde who will be organizing the NEDRA drags in Woodburn on Sept. 4, 2005.  That will be Sunday of Labor Day weekend.  He is counting on OEVA helping at least as much as we did last year.  This year I plan on contributing time, but we could use a contact person to interface between OEVA and Roderick.  Please consider what you could do to help out, and let the group know at the June 9th meeting, only two weeks from now.

To get everyone interested, Roderick said that he has hopes of having both the Maniac Mazda and Gone Postal there running well (both will take a fair amount of effort, but he does have a plan).  If it hasn't by then, there's a good chance that Gone Postal will break 100 MPH in the quarter-mile that day.  As always, we'll see what happens, but it should be a good show.

The more people we can get to man our booth, run inspection and time slips, and handle whatever other duties necessary to run the race, the better it will be for all.  Be ready June 9th to  let us know if you can help any.  We'll get input from Gary and others who helped last year about what all will be involved, and try to get someone working with Roderick soon.

Thanks for your attention and all your efforts!  See you in a couple weeks.

Eric Johnson
OEVA Co-Chair

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