[Oeva-list] EV Owner Assistance project

Tony McCormick tony at notebene.net
Mon May 30 21:57:54 PDT 2005

    For some reason I agreed to try and coordinate the post-purchase 
part of EV life cycle support from OEVA.  go figure.   To start with I 
need to get a feel for who is out there, what they feel comfortable 
helping/advising with, facilities available, etc.   I would appreciate 
some feed back from the list on these topics.   I've done a bit of a 
brain dump of my comfort level below to spark the thoughts.

I am
    Owner of an commuter EV since 1999
    Comfortable with fabrication of small structures and modifications 
to body work that don't require welding
    Good at diagnosing wiring faults
    Good at basic wiring layout
    Able to teach novices the practical basics of owning a EV, charging, 
driving, battery management etc
    Good a coming up with unique solutions to problems using inexpensive 
    the owner a good range of tools and a garage with room for working 
on one vehicle, indoors
    able to follow instructions well enough to do work I'm *not* 
comfortable with... like:
          Auto mechanic stuff, brakes, transmissions, real body work,  
    Good at organizing things in general
    the owner of a 6/12 Volt 100amp battery tester and other EV related 
test gear/rigs.

What we need:
    Auto mechanical skills for those parts of the cars that are *not* EV 
motive related
    Electrical skills for diagnosing ground faults (that dang GFI keeps 
    Body work, paint, etc.
    Welding Aluminum for battery boxes
    Other kinds of welding
    Access special limited need tools, such a engine hoist, crimpers, 
welding gear, towing, a lift
    People will to volunteer their time when someone's EV stops going
    Places to work on EV's
Please let me know, what you know and what you can do.  Anything you 
think should be added to the list as well.

Once I get some feedback, I'll probably request some kind of web-hosted, 
"Ask for a house call" type form and a way for folks to say they can help.
Other ideas?

Tony McCormick
"Drive Electric, Play Bluegrass, Learn the way of the Sword"
see it all at: http://www.notebene.net 

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