[Oeva-list] Help for a new member

Eric Johnson <ejts at comcast.net> ejts at comcast.net
Tue May 31 11:23:36 PDT 2005

I'm posting this for Andy McDougall, who doesn't have e-mail.

He's the 84-year-old gentleman that's attended the last couple meetings and has been quite enthusiastic.  Enough to buy an EV, even.

He now has new batteries (and the car).  He'd like some help on swapping the Trojans and making sure everything is set up properly.  He says he's willing to pay something for the help.  His contact info is:
Phone: 503-253-3202
Address:  29 NE 160th Ave.  Portland, OR  97230

If anyone can help, or has any advice, please contact him directly.  Here's a chance to help get another EV back on the road.

Eric Johnson
OEVA Co-Chair

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