[Oeva-list] MegaVolt back on the road

Tony McCormick tony at notebene.net
Tue May 31 18:35:59 PDT 2005

Just an FYI

Dan and I just helped a new EV owner (Tim Johnson) get MegaVolt back on 
the road.  He purchased it directly from Volunteers's of America when 
the EBay auction failed.   It's has a couple of issues that need seeing 
to, but he drove it to work today and said that it's performance is stellar.

MegaVolt is a 120V Mitsubishi conversion that is a true parallel hybid 
with and 8Kw generator under the hood that can be used while driving as 
a range extender as well as 2 separate chargers 110V 20amp Zivan and a 
220V 30amp Zivan...

Tony McCormick
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