[Oeva-list] MegaVolt back on the road

Myles Twete matwete at comcast.net
Tue May 31 22:07:47 PDT 2005

Snooze and you lose...I just called VOA this afternoon and heard that the
Megavolt was sold...no biggee...good for Tim!  And good to see another EV
stay local.

BTW- my EV (The Reach Of Tide 6HP ETEK electric boat) just got relaunched
this past weekend and we had a nice 20-mile all-electric downriver motor
tour from Portland to the Columbia River and down to its moorage off
Caterpillar Island.  I expect to be changing from Lester 36v chargers to my
homebuilt chargers using modified Vicor Megapac PFC power supplies packed
with 8 adjustable 48v, 150w DC/DC converter modules.  I expect around 80%
efficiency w/98%+PF and 1200w per Megapac.  I may stuff as many as 3 of
these, for up to 100amps of shorepower charging at the right docks...

-Myles TWete

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> Just an FYI
> Dan and I just helped a new EV owner (Tim Johnson) get
> MegaVolt back on
> the road.  He purchased it directly from Volunteers's of America when
> the EBay auction failed.   It's has a couple of issues that
> need seeing
> to, but he drove it to work today and said that it's
> performance is stellar.
> MegaVolt is a 120V Mitsubishi conversion that is a true
> parallel hybid
> with and 8Kw generator under the hood that can be used while
> driving as
> a range extender as well as 2 separate chargers 110V 20amp
> Zivan and a
> 220V 30amp Zivan...
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