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Rick Durst Rick.Durst at pgn.com
Fri Sep 2 12:51:17 PDT 2005

COSTCO Charging Locations:
I have contacted COSTCO in the past about putting in charging stations
at their locations.  They are willing to do so, will not charge for
parking or the electricity, but they want to see the involvement of
either the local utility, or a big enough group to make the publicity
and use of the locations worth their efforts.
I am not sure if the VP is still in charge of it that I worked with,
but with some digging, I can get his contact info.  He is the proud
owner of a GM EV-1 which he (at one point would loan to me if I paid the
transportation to/from Kirkland, Wa.)
Charging locations and a mapquest link would be excellent. 
A couple of issues.     
We need 120v and 240 volt plugin locations.  The EAA charger like at
the WTC, I am told no longer meets code, as current electrical code
requires the charger to communicate with the car.  This "Safety" issue
was probably added to discourage home conversions and add to the price
of conversions.  We would need to get a variance.   
If the plug in hybrids come to pass, we will need to figure out how to
exclude them from EV parking spots, maybe make sure spots are designated
EV not plug in Hybrid..., since they don't really need to plug in at all
of the prime locations.  Thoughts on this??
Of course if someone has a hybrid that they converted to all electric,
they can still park there..!!!!
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