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I teach high school and am president of the Electrathon America organization.  In my high school class we design, construct, race, etc. over 20 electrathon vehicles a year. Have converted a Rabbit to 96 volts and are hoping to finish up an S-10 to 144 volts this year.  We have installed a 2.4 Kw and 1.0 solar panels at school.  I have over 100 students a year in the course dealing with these topics.  I also teach physics working with another 100-200 students a year.  Our school is very "Green" and I try to be environmentally aware and teach that to my students in any way I can.
I have sat back and read with great interest the great information and ideas that are posted here.  I even somewhat enjoyed the great hybrid/fully EV debate of last month which had some good information and thoughts.  I do have a problem though with the last part of this message.  Is the author of this really that much of an EV only snob to not care as much about the environment as "excluding hybrids" from charging so they can get the 100-250 mpg that plug-ins can.  True a pure EV is the "best" way to go if you do not need to travel over 30 to 75 miles between lengthy charges.  The vast US public is not going to change their driving habits overnight and need to take the alternative transportation transition one step at a time.  Many people, myself included, still want to be able to travel from Eugene to Portland in a couple of hours, run necessary errands and drive back in an afternoon.  The plug in hybrid can do this and if while running my errands I could plug a hybrid in for a couple of hours I could use much less gas thus doing what I hear that this EV group is all about.  Helping to promote electric vehicles and not pollute or burn gas.  The plug in hybrid is nearly as good as a pure EV at not using petroleum for the first 20 to 75 miles and then it become a "normal hybrid."  If we can get the public to desire and demand these vehicles, which I believe is a real possibility in the near future, then the "big" car companies will be forced to develop and sell these vehicles to make their profits.  Smaller companies will fill this void and the sales of standard cars and regular hybrids will fall in the relatively near future.  Then from the plug in hybrid it is another small step to the total EV for around town and renting or ??? the plug in hybrids for long trips.    But by excluding these vehicles from charging stations because "since they don't really need to plug in" we are shooting this whole process in the foot!  I hope that I am not alone in my feelings on this.  
Mike Hodgert
Teacher at Willamette High School
Eugene, Oregon


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COSTCO Charging Locations:
I have contacted COSTCO in the past about putting in charging stations at their locations.  They are willing to do so, will not charge for parking or the electricity, but they want to see the involvement of either the local utility, or a big enough group to make the publicity and use of the locations worth their efforts.
I am not sure if the VP is still in charge of it that I worked with, but with some digging, I can get his contact info.  He is the proud owner of a GM EV-1 which he (at one point would loan to me if I paid the transportation to/from Kirkland, Wa.)
Charging locations and a mapquest link would be excellent. 
A couple of issues.     
We need 120v and 240 volt plugin locations.  The EAA charger like at the WTC, I am told no longer meets code, as current electrical code requires the charger to communicate with the car.  This "Safety" issue was probably added to discourage home conversions and add to the price of conversions.  We would need to get a variance.   
If the plug in hybrids come to pass, we will need to figure out how to exclude them from EV parking spots, maybe make sure spots are designated EV not plug in Hybrid..., since they don't really need to plug in at all of the prime locations.  Thoughts on this??
Of course if someone has a hybrid that they converted to all electric, they can still park there..!!!!
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