[Oeva-list] Re: Oeva-list Digest, Vol 23, Issue 2

Ralph Merwin rmerwin at aracnet.com
Sat Sep 3 20:43:44 PDT 2005

Rick Durst writes:
> A couple of issues.     
> We need 120v and 240 volt plugin locations.  The EAA charger like at
> the WTC, I am told no longer meets code, as current electrical code
> requires the charger to communicate with the car.  This "Safety" issue
> was probably added to discourage home conversions and add to the price
> of conversions.  We would need to get a variance.   

The requirement is not about "communication", but that "all parts made
live be inaccessible".  This means that any metal pin or socket that
carries AC voltage must be physically covered or enclosed when the
mating pieces are removed.  This also applies to electric vehicle
charging stations only.  RV outlets are legal, 120v or 240v.

The inductive approach has no exposed metal parts, so there are no parts
to cover or enclose.  They are always covered.

The conductive handle sold under the name Avcon solves the problem with
a sliding cover on the handle and another in the vehicle inlet.  The
covers cannot be moved without pressing little release buttons, a casual
observer would not be able to access the metal parts.

Note that a 120v outlet with GFI meets code, so at a minimum a station
could have a couple of GFI protected 120v outlets.  Not the best but
far better than what we have now.

> If the plug in hybrids come to pass, we will need to figure out how to
> exclude them from EV parking spots, maybe make sure spots are designated
> EV not plug in Hybrid..., since they don't really need to plug in at all
> of the prime locations.  Thoughts on this??

A plug-in hybrid would be welcome (in my opinion), but would get a
parking ticket since the meter readers are trained to look up a
vehicle's registered fuel type and ticket any that are not registered
as electric and any of those that are not actively charging.  The DMV
would need a new fuel type that indicated partially electric, and the
meter readers would need to be trained to allow that type too.


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