[Oeva-list] Re: Local EV shops and suppliers

Victor Reppeto vreppeto at 4cottages.net
Sun Sep 11 19:05:23 PDT 2005

Yes it has taken me a month or more to dig up this list of resources.  
Here are all the ones I have found.  If someone knows a reputable 
person, in the NW, who wants to help convert a midsize van, with an AC 
or possibly DC Permanent magnet motor, I would like to add to this list.

    Does someone have a link for specs and performance on hawker 
envirolink batteries? After reading about John Wayland jumpstarting a 
Tractor Trailer with 8 year old batteries I think these might be a 
choice better than Trojan.  Though I do not know what I am talking about 

Batteries from heaven.  Lithium Ion with twice the energy and 2/3 the 
weight and 4 times the cycle life of an equivalent lead acid battery(if 
used and protected properly).  If someone else is considering a purchase 
please let me know.  It is very possible I will need to make a very 
large order to get them to deal with me.  And if I want a price I cannot 
afford but am willing to pay.  (I use Kokam LiPo batteries in RC 
airplanes.  This technology is really exciting.)

     Locally you can contact victor at metricmind.com .  He had his EV 
Honda at the EV Awareness day afew weeks ago at Pioneer square and gave 
me his business card. His capacitor stack seems to be unique except for 
chryslers minivan.  The siemens AC motor/controller systems he markets 
may be reasonable compared to other equilavent systems.
Metric Mind of Portland OEVA member <http://www.metricmind.com/index1.htm>

These guys are in portland and might not mind making some money helping 
a guy with a project.
I have not asked them yet.
Welcome to Plasma Boy Racing, home of White Zombie, the world's quickest 
street legal electric door slammer in the 1/4 mile drag. 

Plans for hybrid and other homebuilt projects.
Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: A Technology Overview 

buy parts and complete ev's:
Electric Auto Association - Electric Vehicles For Sale 
Classifieds <http://evfinder.com/classifieds.htm>
ZapWorld.com - Electric Cars for Sale 

Hope it helps,

Victor Reppeto
Salem, Or

Here are some other links.

EV World: The World of Electric, Plug-in Hybrid, Fuel Cell and 
Alternative Fuel Vehicles <http://www.evworld.com/>

Cloud Electric Vehicles - Main Index - Home - DC Electric Vehicles and 
Home Power Supplies 

e-Traction® System <http://www.e-traction.com/e-Traction_System.htm>


Café Electric Home of the Zilla <http://www.cafeelectric.com/>

Commuter Cars <http://www.commutercars.com/>

Microturbines - Global Energy (608) 238-6001 

links <http://ev.dementia.org/evblog/>

SeattleEVA Meetings <http://www.seattleeva.org/meetings.html>

Solectria Owners Website <http://www.portev.org/solectria/>

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Hi all,

I'm interested in converting my 1998 Saturn SL2 to electric or possibly
purchasing an EV. -clip-

Anyway, let me get to my question. I live in Beaverton, and would like
to convert my SL2 to electric or perhaps purchase an EV. Do you know if
there is someone in our area that does this type of thing or is willing
to take it on?



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