[Oeva-list] Mid size van conversion

Victor Reppeto vreppeto at 4cottages.net
Sun Sep 11 20:29:23 PDT 2005

I would appreciate if all of you would tell me it cannot be done.  It 
will help my level of determination:) 

I have a 1994 Ford Aerostar 4wd. 3500 lbs curb weight.  It may not be 
the best candidate so I may sell it and buy a different van.

Requirement # 1 : Absolute limit of $20,000.00 to convert existing van 
or 20k plus sales price of current van.  $13,000 w/o sale is my target.

Requirement #1.1: This van has a pay load of 2000 lbs and the towing 
capacity of 4500 lbs which means the brakes will not be lacking when I 
add batteries.  If I replace it I would like the other van to be comparable.

Requirement #2: With a front axle using cv joints and a posi rear 
differential I can do a series hybrid with 3 dc motors or parallel with 
one AC permanent magnet motor and achieve the low current/high voltage 
necessary for long range/hill climbing that will get me to my camp sites 
at the coast pulling a 1000 thousand lb trailer.  Okay now here is where 
I really need you guys.  I have not yet used a spreadsheet to calculate 
the energy required to get 5000 lbs up a 2 Km 15% grade or short 20% 
grade.  Also, if valence accumulators are used this will require a lot 
of boost from a genset or pusher and/or capacitor stack.  Cost may turn 
out to be prohibitive.

Requirement #3:  Pure electric drive around town will give me the cargo 
space to be soccer-dad/grocery shopper for a family of 5.  This vehicle 
will also pull a trailer of 1000 lbs of garbage or home improvement 
supplies for rental houses. 

Thanx for any help in planning this people.  I know I am pushing the 
envelope. If anyone with a lot of experience wants to talk in Salem then 
lunch is on me.  Or  we can have a long telephone conversation.   I 
really think this is doable.


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