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Eric Johnson <ejts at comcast.net> ejts at comcast.net
Wed Sep 14 11:38:19 PDT 2005

Here's the info on ITT-Tech's Tech Fest this year.  Notice that, even if we don't have anyone with a vehicle available, just some handouts and a banner (or our sign), if available, along with people to talk us up, would be nice.

We've talked about "official" handouts, but I'm not sure where it stands right now.  I could probably print out some color pages of our web site that could whet people's interest and at least get our URL in their hands.  An "about us" page that was formatted to look nice printed would really help, Ross (maybe there's already something that'll work, I'll have to look again with that in mind.

Anyway, are there any of us that can show up and hype us?  I think I can get there on Saturday with whatever handouts are made available and be able to talk, but won't have a vehicle most likely (unless someone wants to loan me a Solectria to show, say).

Eric Johnson
(You all know who I am.)

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Hi - Thanks for your interest.  Saturday, Oct 15 the hours are 11 - 1 -
short but sweet. Friday is employer review of projects so that is a
limited day.  Oct 17 - 19 hours will be 10 - 2.  I realize Sat is
probably the best for you.  I think it would be great if your group is
able to participate.  Would at least like to have some literature/banner - whatever is possible available for student to learn more about your organization.

Address:  6035 NE 78th Ct - It's actually right off Columbia Blvd just
past 60th and before the underpass that empties onto Sandy and 205.

I don't think there are any power plugs outside the building but we can
run extension wire to cars if needed.  Have one covered area in back
that one car fits under that can be available for use.  Also have
several spots where there are only about 3 parking spaces protected from bumps and bruises of other vehicles that can be made available.

Let me know of other questions.


Mary Packard

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Hello Mary,
I'd like to get some details to pass on to our list readers to see if we
can stir up some attendees for Tech Fest this year.

As I understand it, the dates are Oct. 14, 15, 16-19, 2005.

What are the hours each day?  Most likely, attendance would be on
Saturday, 10/15.

What is the exact address?  Are there any things potential attendees
should be aware of?  Best approach?  What to look for?

When I get these and whatever other details you think are appropriate,
I'll post them to our list and see who we can stir up.

Eric Johnson
Co-Chair, Oregon Electric Vehicle Association Portland, OR
ejts at comcast.net

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