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Graunke, Gary gary.graunke at intel.com
Sun Sep 18 17:28:58 PDT 2005

This is my (Saturday) attempt to capture in written form what I think I
said on Tuesday, based on my notes and recollection. Since I did not
have time to prepare (decided to go down Tuesday morning, based on Dan's
email), I had to put together my comments on the fly. 

I'll follow up by submitting these written comments as well. The
stenographers sometimes have a hard time keeping, as I tend to talk
fairly quickly due to the limited time.

However, I'm open to any additional comments (correct blunders, etc)
before I submit written comments.

I also want to better understand the issues that they are investigating,
and the complex ZEV-equivalent system as well. 


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Thanks for an excellent statement.  Did you deliver this at the working 
group meeting on Tuesday, or in written form?


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