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Thu Sep 22 12:16:37 PDT 2005

Hello OEVA,
After discussing a 'garage crawl' at our last meeting, I found a way to bring the garage to you!  Jim Husted of Hi-Torque Electric in Redmond, the builder of John Wayland's Siamese Eights and the Purple Phaze motor, has agreed to be the speaker at our October 13th meeting.  He will bring along several demonstration pieces, hopefully including my freshly completed custom 9" for the Karmann Eclectric.
This motor will be set up for 336V, 1000A action with an adjustable brush ring, and will be shortened significantly from a stock ADC, in order to better fit my engine compartment.  
I've started a weblog on the project at http://www.karmanneclectric.blogspot.com
It still lacks a lot of info, but will be updated regularly for any who are interested.
I've also been contacted by the organizers of the Northwest Bio-Fuels Car Show and Conference on October 23rd.  
Though EVs aren't necessarily bio-fueled, they'd love to have as many EVs as possible at the show.  Tailgating (and loud music, Wayland, got your ears on?) is encouraged.  They are trying to foster a carnival atmosphere.  I asked if they could rope off an area for EV burnout demonstrations, but she was unsure about that one!  

Plus there's the ITT Tech Fest, what were those dates again?
Jay Donnaway
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