[Oeva-list] ITT-Tech's Trasportation Fair reminder

Eric Johnson <ejts at comcast.net> ejts at comcast.net
Wed Sep 28 16:54:14 PDT 2005

Just received this reminder.

I'll be available on Saturday the 15th.  I can also print out some handouts, maybe best as half-pagers.  I'll see what I can generate from the web site by then if noone provides a better one.

The only vehicle I'll have available to show is my Prius, which I asked Mary whether she thought was worth bothering with.  It'd be nice to see one or more electrics, maybe especially Don's Solectira, perhaps.  Anyone that can bring a vehicle please contact Mary ("Mary Packard at 033" <MPackard at itt-tech.edu> is where this latest one came from).

Thanks to all that can help, and even to those who just seriously considered it!

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Hi Eric - Any update on Oct 15?  Would like to include your group in the program of events if you think you'll have a car or two to show.  Will need to know by Oct. 6.  Thanks.  Mary

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