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 Here's a follow-up to my earlier mention of the alternative energy car show at the Expo Center.  Again, EV's are very welcome in the show and the for sale lot, and they'd love to have OEVA buy a booth...
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Sept 29, 2005
Jay Donaway
Oregon Electric Vehicle Association

Dear Mr.Donaway,

Energy Element is producing the Biofuels Car Show and Conference Oct 23rd at the 
Portland Expo Center. Endorsed by the Oregon Environmental Council, the 
conference will present a platform for speakers and exhibitors to demonstrate 
fuel alternatives, tax incentives, environmental impacts, and home and vehicle 
models. We believe this event?s comprehensive approach will provide the tools 
necessary to make informed decisions about various energy options. 

As a contributor in the renewable energy market, Energy Element invites you to participate 
in the Biofuels Car Show and Conference as exhibitor. We offer several 
alternatives to promote your product and achievements. Our exhibitor space 
includes over a 150 10x10 draped booths available throughout the exhibit hall. 
These booths are priced at $200/each for profit or $100/each for non-profit 
organizations. We also offer sponsorship packages. The Jade Package includes a 20x20 booth space, discount at the Vancouver Hilton and your business name printed on all advertising material. These spaces are available at $500/each.  
Over 35 "For Sale" vehicle spaces are available at $25 per parking space. An additional 180 spaces are available for our "Car Show" at $15 per parking space. The car show will be accompanied by solar powered bands Taarka and Aphrodesia. Exhibitor picnicking is permitted on site, so pack a lunch, or cook onsite and join the fun as we celebrate our freedoms and innovations in the movement away from petroleum.

Fueling solutions, Energy Element is a nonprofit dedicated to promoting 
alternative fuels. As a vehicle for innovation, Energy Element energizes the 
movement away from petroleum through educational and outreach services. We 
support sustainable markets where the cycle of returns is visible within our 
local community.

Visit our web site at energyelement.com for more information or contact Andrea 
Lewis at www.energyelement.com or by phone (503) 784-5275 to confirm your space 
as an exhibitor.


Andrea Lewis, Creative Director for Energy Element 
Po Box 6525
Portland, Or. 97228
(503) 784-5275
biosprite at comcast.net 
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