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I just had to comment on this...

President Bush said-
"Roof makers will one day be able to make a solar roof that protects you 
from the elements and at the same time, powers your house," Bush said. "The 
vision is this — that technology will become so efficient that you'll become 
a little power generator in your home, and if you don't use the energy you 
generate you'll be able to feed it back into the electricity grid."

One day? Is he living in 1969?

This is old, established technology. It just needs to get less expensive to 
implement widely.

Many states have had net metering laws in place for many years.

I have been lucky enough to live and work at a place where most power needs 
were supplied by photovoltaics, including charging the cars and tractors.

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>The following was posted at another  site I found very interesting.
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