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I have received a lot of emails concerning the Ranger  EV.  Some of you may 
not be aware there are Ranger trucks now  are being auction by Blue Sky Motors 
located in Sacramento California on  eBay. Ford is using Blue Sky Motors to 
service and sell  their remaining electric Ranger vehicles. 
To make a short story long this all goes back to Ford allowing previous EV  
Ranger lease holders to buy a Ranger. Once all the previous lease holders had a 
 chance to buy a Ranger the rest are being sold through Blue Sky Motors on  
eBay. This has just started but I have seen several Rangers with  Recycled 
packs sell from 12,000 to 15,000 price range. 
The trucks have been completely gone though and the battery packs have been  
rebuilt with recycled batteries from the US Postal Service trucks. There was 
at  one time 500 postal trucks in use before the program was canceled.  From 
several sources I learned the failure rate of the 8 volt East Penn  battery was 
the main reason the USPS stop using the trucks and canceled the  program. This 
makes sense because I have talked to EV Fleet managers all over  the US and 
they all said the same thing. They had a lot of problems with battery  failures 
in the Rangers. The S-10 EV with the Panasonic batteries were  given very 
high marks.  
I bring this up because even though Blue Sky Motors are one of the very  best 
with extensive test equipment there is no guarantee on their packs.   When I 
first started buying non running Rangers Ford guaranteed the  recycled packs 
for one year. I actually had paid half the amount to have a  recycled pack 
installed. I decided after they stopped the warranty that it was  too risky to 
spend 4000 dollars to install batteries that had no warranty and  there was a 
chance you could not buy just one battery. They stopped making this  special size 
8 volt battery about 3 years ago. So even if there were any left  now you 
might not be able to buy one when one fails. Blue Sky  Motors I would assume has 
thousands of them but as far as I know they will  only sell packs and it would 
have to be installed by them or a Ford service  department. 
I have not heard how many Ranger trucks are left to sell but I doubt it is  a 
huge number because most of them were crushed and their was only about 1400 
to  start with. If you were thinking of buying one this would be a very good 
time  because it is about as close as your going to get as buying an EV from the 
 manufacture. The eBay auction item number is 4615928806. This auction number 
is  not Blue Sky but it has links to other auctions for Ranger trucks 
4614585548.  Just so you know a remanufactured battery pack does not mean they take  
the batteries apart and rebuild them. They take the battery pack apart and  
install tested cycled used batteries. There is no remanufacture of the  actual 
battery on the inside they are not taken apart. 
I am working with other Ranger owners to come up with a replacement 12 volt  
battery pack for these vehicles. I wanted to bring this up in case any of you  
were thinking of buying one of the trucks on eBay but was worried about the  
battery situation. We need more electric vehicles here in the Northwest. 
Contact  me if you are serious about buying a Ranger or S-10 EV on line but wanted 
to try  one out. You can test drive either one and look over what a great  
vehicle these trucks are. Their is also a very good EV Ranger group you can  post 
questions contact Tom Dowling at  _tom at tomdowling.net_ 
(mailto:tom at tomdowling.net)   about getting on  it.
The Rangers I have are in need of batteries. There is an opportunity  here 
for anyone who would like one of these vehicles to obtain one at my cost  which 
is around 7000 to 8000 give or take a few hundred dollars. You don't have  to 
worry about transporting across the country or sending your money and not  
getting a vehicle. I will work with anyone who wants to buy a Ranger  to change 
over to a 12 volt battery pack. I plan on keeping at least 2  or 3 of the 
Rangers. I am also considering that full payment up front for  the truck might not 
be needed for the right person. You would have to be  very serious and have a 
reasonable time for the balance that would not  cause you a hardship. 
One other interesting bit of information for anyone worried about  safety the 
1999 and 2000 Ranger EV has a 5 star crash test rating. I  could find no 
crash testing on the 1998. Since the 1998 has dual air bags  I have no reason to 
believe it would score any different.
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