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If you look at the eBay auction number 4615928806 they have all the  Ford 
authorized service centers listed. They do not show any in Oregon or  Washington. 
If you depend on the dealer to service the factory pack it would cost a lot  
more and you would have to go a long ways. 
The best thing to do would be to find a battery size that more than meets  
your needs and work around that. I do have some of the factory test equipment,  
software and shop manuals for the Ranger EV. 
A while back someone posted they were looking for work on electric  vehicles. 
If anyone had the time to change over trucks I would be interested I  am tied 
up for the next couple of months.  I should have the time to take  these on 
in May.
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Hi  all--

I've been a long-time lurker on this list, and Don's last message  has
piqued my interest a bit. Can anyone point me to some good sites  to
research this vehicle? Especially with regards to serviceability (will  a
Ford dealer be able to service it fully?), battery pack replacement,  and
just general info?

Thanks a bunch--

Greg  Mikol

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