[Oeva-list] Anyone interested in an NLG 412 B with the Saft mods?

John RA Benson jrab at e-m-w.com
Fri Feb 24 22:45:04 PST 2006

I¹m afraid it¹s time for me to part with my beloved NLG 412 with the SAFT
NiCad profile. It¹s got the upgraded EEPROMs, and the voltage has been
reprogrammed for 136 volts. Since I¹m looking to put a new pack in that will
probably be lead and a much higher voltage (thinking 240), I¹ll need a
different profile and the charger will be out of spec.

There is only one problem with it ­ the interface board needs a check. It
fails to record amps ³out² while driving, but records amps ³in² just fine.
If I connect a voltage to the board, it clicks away up and down, but I
recall while driving it didn¹t. Could also have been a connection issue.

Comes with handy dandy led breakout box and BC29 with shunt setup. See
http://www.e-m-w.com/carpics/index.html , the box below the heater controls.
It has 5 LEDs for charger on, 80%, charge finished, maint charge and error.
Also has indicator LEDs to let you know if you left it in maint mode or

If anyone out there is interested, let¹s make a deal.

Cheers -
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