[Oeva-list] MoveOn campaign for clean energy

Tony McCormick tony at notebene.net
Sat Jun 3 23:26:38 PDT 2006


As you may know, I'm a member of MoveOn, a national network of over 3
million progressives connected through the Internet. For years, we've fought
back against dangerous policies coming out of DC, from the Iraq war to
cutting Social Security.

But last week, we did something different: over a hundred thousand of us
came together to pick three big, positive goals for the country that we
commit to fight for. Everyone got to vote, and here are the top three goals:

    * Health care for all
    * Clean, renewable, independent energy sources
    * Democracy restored

We're getting started on these right away, beginning this month with a big
campaign for clean energy, starting with breaking the

These are huge goals, but they're worth fighting for. I'd like to invite you
to join MoveOn and work with me over the coming months to make these goals a
reality. In general, you'll get a couple emails a week that let you take
simple, easy actions that, when millions of us do them together, can go a
long way.

You can sign up right here:


Tony McCormick
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