[Oeva-list] Megavolt down again....

Tim Johnson timj.pdx at verizon.net
Sat Jun 10 16:09:58 PDT 2006

Thursday evening on the way home from work Megavolt died. I really was 
planning on attending the OEVA Meeting.

Megavolt  quietly quit working while under a light load (I was driving 
on flat section of road). When I got it home, I discovered a gap where 
there once was a battery post. Interestingly it was one of two battery 
terminals that I cleaned last weekend while doing a water replenishment. 
The affected battery is located in the middle of the pack.

My battery tester died and so I don't know the state of the battery 
(other than missing most of a post).

A few questions :

    Where is a good place to buy single T145? I assume this cannot be fixed.
    Does anyone understand the mechanism behind this failure?
    Does it make sense to just replace the battery and hope for the best
    without understanding the root cause of the failure?

Megavolt is 120v (20 Trojan 145s) with a 1231C Curtis controller.


Tim Johnson
    (530) 466-7403
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