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How 'bout this for an idea for converting a LP terminal to an automotive
1) Make an automotive post casting out of something that slips over the
existing low terminal.
2) Melt a bunch'o'lead
3) Pour the melted lead over the stud into the mold, melting itself,
hopefully, to the existing terminal without blowing something up...


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  Q: Problem with Melting a battery post.
  A:  I have had a lot of experience with melting posts. I have melted over
10 of them.  When I first got my new battery pack with the Trojan low
profile posts, John Wayland told me to baby them because with regular use
they are a problem.  He was definitely correct.  I drive 30 miles each way
to and from work, so cycle the batteries twice a day.

  I am not sure what style post you have, but I have had success with
Northwest battery Supply on 37th and Belmont.  They are the only ones I know
that will replace a battery post. Although I have had good luck with them
(make sure you get a written quote), I haven't had good luck with the
Trojan low profile posts.

  The low profile post (LPT) is just a bolt that is molded into the lead of
the post.  The torque specs on the low profile posts are much lower than the
specs for the old posts.  Even at the appropriate torque, with high
currents, heating and cooling, the bolts tend to work their way up through
the lead, requiring re-torquing.  Each time you check the torque, you are
typically pulling the bolt up through the post until it has less contact
area and the resistance goes up. I ended up replacing a battery pack
prematurely because of this problem.  I now will only use the L- Terminal
(LT) or the Universal Terminal (UT).

  The Trojan 125's and 145's can be ordered with either the Automotive Posts
(AP), LPT or UT. Most Places usually stock the LPT so it is the only one
easy to find.  You may need to order a certain quantity to get anything
other than the LPT.

  They just came out with a new Embedded LPT. I am not sure if this was to
correct some of the issues with the LPT, but I have no experience with the
newer ELPT.

  There are other things that can cause a post to melt:
  Over heating at the post enough to cause melting is due to a high
resistance connection with high current flow. It can be cause by a dirty
connection, Cable lug problems, loose lug, broken wire strands, or bad
corrosion.  If you melted the post consider replacing the cable and lug as

  Here is the link to the trojan specs PDF.

  Rick Durst
  rick.durst at pgn.com
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