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You can't add multiple 20a 220v circuits together. Do this instead: Buy a breaker box with a 30a 220v breaker from Home depot. Install a 14-50 plug on one end, and your 30a receptacle on the other. This way you can use the 50 amp plug but still have overcurrent protection (effectively the same as a 30a circuit). If your charger already has a 30a breaker then you can just make an adaptor cord for the 14-50 outlet. Let me know if you want help building something.

Rick Barnes

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>Hello Gary I did not explain that well. The place I am going to has existing 220 plugs in the hotel rooms for air conditioners. They are 20 amps circuits. If I plug into two rooms and run them into one I would still have 220 but at 40 amps. I could wire the plugs the same so they would not run power from different legs together. This would work as long as they wired all the rooms the same. I am sure the place does not want me to start taking their wall plugs out of the wall or pulling their breaker box panel off.  Do I just assume they wired all the plugs the same or should I make up a little circuit breaker box with two 20 amp plugs in and one 40 amp plug out? If it flip the breaker then I could just switch the wires on one 20 amp 220 air conditioner wall plug. ThanksDon   In a message dated 6/18/2006 10:23:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time, gary at whitecape.org writes:Don,
>I would look much harder for 220V at 30A again.
>You   would need at least 4 110V 20A circuits under ideal conditions to 
>make   220V at 40A. It would have to be a single phase circuit with 2 on 
>one leg   and two on the other with a common neutral.
>However, this is unlikely   to happen by accident. In addition, it's not 
>uncommon for folks to get the   neutral and hot wires crossed, and this 
>may not be detected by normal 110V   operation. When you put them 
>together, all sorts of things can happen   (mostly not good things).
>In addition, they may have different kinds of   power, depending on 
>whether they are residential, commercial, or   industrial.
>Multiple parallel chargers work if they are isolated--some   that we like 
>a lot (including PFC's) are not.
>So I would check out   the RV campgrounds near Salem. They usually have an 
>outlet like we have   downtown--NEMA 14-50.
>Theoldcars at aol.com wrote:
>>   Hello Rick
>> Thank you for the information. I figured out   it will take around 4 hours 
>> charging to make it from Portland to   Salem and back.
>> I checked out the circuit breaker panel   where I will be at. They have no 
>> 220 thirty amp circuit that I can   access.  However they do have multiple 
>> 20 amp 220 plugs for   their in room air conditioners that are all home run. 
>>   If they will allow me does anyone see a problem with wiring two 20 
>>   amp 220 plugs together into a single 40 amp 220 plug? Not being an 
>>   electrician I am wondering if the code addresses my concern. Is wiring   
>> always run from the buses the same way to all the plugs in a   building?
>> If I it turns out I cannot plug in there.   Does anyone know of any 
>> charging locations in Salem? I will be there   for four hours near 
>> Commercial Street Near Ruebler Blvd off I-5 exit   252.
>> Thanks
>> Don
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>>   barnes.rick at verizon.net writes:
>>       Don:
>>     There is a   campground right at the Woodburn exit.
>>     I would call ahead and speak with the manager to   let them know you
>>     are coming.
>>     Portland-Woodburn Rv Park
>>       _http://www.woodburnrv.com/_
>>     Address:   115 N Arney Rd, Woodburn, OR 97071
>>     Phone: (503)   981-0002
>>     Directions:
>>       Take exit #271/OR-214 toward SILVERTON/WOODBURN - go 0.2 mi
>>       Turn on NEWBERG HWY - go 0.1 mi Turn on N ARNEY RD - go   <
>>     0.1 mi
>>      >Hi Rick,
>>        >
>>      >I am sure we can work something out - it   will depend upon which of our
>>     sites is available at   the time you come in. If we charge you $1.00
>>     each   time you recharge does that seem fair enough?
>>        >
>>      >If you like you can tell others about our   availability.
>>      >
>>        >Our office is open 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. Should you come in before   8:00
>>      >AM
>>     you could   use space #99, #101, #102 located next to the mini storage
>>       sheds on the east side of the RV Park and come in to settle up   with
>>     us after we are open that day or drop the   money through the front
>>     office door. We have "after   hour registration" envelopes located in
>>     the black   mail box at the front of the office you could place your
>>       money in before dropping through the mail slot.
>>        >
>>      >Connie Grade
>>        >Manager
>>       Also Pheasant Ridge RV _http://www.pheasantridge.com/_ (about   17
>>     miles from
>>       Woodburn)
>>     Pheasant Ridge Rv Park
>>       Address: 8275 SW Elligsen Rd, Wilsonville, OR 97070
>>       Phone: (503) 682-7829
>>       Directions:
>>     Take I-5 exit #286 toward N.   WILSONVILLE/STAFFORD - go 0.2 mi
>>     Turn on SW   ELLIGSEN RD - go 0.5 mi
>>     Open at 9, $1 per hour. If   booked up will let you plug into 120V
>>     outlets if   30A/50A not available.
>>       Hope this helps,
>>         Rick Barnes
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>>           Anyone know of a charging location with 220 and a 30 amp or
>>           larger circuit breaker between Wilsonville and   Salem on or near I-5?
>>           Don
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