[Oeva-list] A future meeting topic/field trip?

jray3 at aol.com jray3 at aol.com
Tue Jun 27 17:03:56 PDT 2006

After EV Awareness day of course, but who'd like to go see a hybrid lokie?
Hybrid locomotives pull their own weight
Two of the largest hybrid vehicles in the world are now in Portland – 280,000-pound, 32-foot diesel/electric locomotives owned and operated by Union Pacific Railroad. The state-of-the-art hybrid locomotives are designed to cut air emissions by up to 90 percent and reduce diesel fuel use by as much as 80 percent, compared with conventional diesel-powered switchers that spend much of their time idiling. The locomotives were bought as part of a companywide push to reduce pollution and conserve fuel wherever possible. The two locomotives are being broken in at the Albina Yard in north Portland. Once they’re adequately tested, they’ll be shipped for use in California and Texas, two states with air quality challenges.
Portland Tribune, 6/27/06
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